Frequently Asked Questions:

Please feel free to read through our FAQ section to find out the answers to your questions.

What are the credit requirements to get a loan?

Our lenders offer loan options for all credit types. However, credit requirements may vary according to the loan amount and term you’re applying to.

Who qualifies for bad credit personal loan?

Having bad credit limits your ability to obtain the loans and funding that you need for many things, but when an emergency or urgent need arises, those with poor credit are often at a loss as to what they need to do. That is why we work with lenders who cater to borrowers of all credit types.

What happens if I’m late with my payment or don’t pay at all?

Late payment fees will be applied to the loan amount if you fail to pay your installment or pay a partial amount. Failure to pay will result in legal action and reporting of the non-payment to a consumer reporting agency.

Do you have loan programs for less than perfect credit?

Our goal is to connect borrowers with lenders who can fulfill their payday loan inquiries. That is why our network of lenders offers loan programs for borrowers with diverse credit scores. While we cannot guarantee that your application will be approved, we know that our lenders strive to provide you with loan options that are best suited to your needs, even if that means a borrower’s credit score is low.

What is your renewal policy?

Renewal policies vary depending on vendor to vendor, and they’re agreed upon by the borrower before a contract is signed.  Be advised that some lenders may not debit your account for the total amount of the loan, which may result in additional fees and a renewed loan. Make sure you read the renewal policy carefully and make your wishes clear to the lender.

What is considered a “bad credit?”

Bad credit is one kind of rating affected by your financial behavior when borrowing and paying off your debts. For example, a credit score of 580 and below are considered poor or bad. Things that can damage a credit score include late payments, skipped payments, exceeding card limits, and declaring bankruptcy.

How much will the loan cost?

The cost of the loan and the APR depends on the information you provide on your application. These terms are disclosed in the application while you are redirected to the lender's website. If you haven't accepted the loan, read the loan agreement carefully; if you feel comfortable, do not sign the application.